Every on-site course we teach can (and should) be customized.

We find that you are more effective taking the concepts from a generic class and applying them directly to your jobs. By taking course concepts and immediately applying them to your products, you are much further ahead on the learning curve. This approach:

  1. ensures that you know how to apply general concepts to your specific products, and
  2. minimizes time away from your job productivity.

Hands-on classwork gives you experience applying the rules and teaching methods. In this way, you gain productivity and learn the concepts better. We have used this process hundreds of times and customers report higher retention of information.

To further your success at applying what you have learned, we offer up to five hours of free follow-on consulting. For more detailed follow-up, we offer a retainer or per-hour consulting fee.

Our preference is to include your products in our training so we offer this service at no additional charge.


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